Director, illustrator and cartoonist Apollo Thomas is a graduate of Beaux-Arts de Paris.

As an illustrator his work has appeared in magazines such as Vice, Frederic Magazine, Mondo Zero, Papier x Colette, Arte Episode as well as several graphzines including HIGH FANTASY & MECHA SAKURA (Edwin) REPLICA (Fltmstpc), VENETIAN BLINDS (1991 books), ZUG MAGAZINE #5 (Innen Book). 

He’s been commissioned by bands such as IL EST VILAINE, KIDS RETURN, LULU VAN TRAPP, SIMON SAYS for art direction and album covers, High-End brand BANG & OLUFSEN, L.A based Sneaker brand SHOES 53045, music festival ROCK EN SEINE, parties poster for SOCIAL CLUB, GINA XXX.

He is currently working in close relationship with the Japanese brand EDWIN creating capsules collections.
Using EDWIN product as a blank canvas Apollo Thomas has transformed wardrobe staples to incorporate embroidered canvas patches and screenprints featuring his manga artwork across a selection of hoodies and tees.

He directed clips for various music projects, Apollo has worked with bands such as electronic-krautrock band ZOMBIE ZOMBIE, electronic band IL EST VILAINE, noise-pop band BRIAN MAGIC TEARS and DEERHUNTER’s solo project LOTUS PLAZA.

He directed MACHINA, a 16’ experimental sci-fi inspired short film.

He is working on a upcoming comics project.